/ Parish Council / Minutes / 5th July 2021


MINUTES for the Meeting of Creech St Michael Parish Council (CSMPC) held in the Village Chown Hall on Monday 5th July 2021 at 7:00pm


Cllr Steve Greenhalgh - Chair


Cllr Neil Davidson


Cllr Simon Hutchings - Vice Chair 


Cllr Annabelle Peters


Cllr Brenda Brighton


Cllr Paul Tucker


Cllr Peter Brown


Cllr Charlie Cudlip


Also Present:

District Cllrs, David Durdan and Kelly Durdan – Somerset West & Taunton District Council (SW&T). Three members of the public and the CSM PC Clerk.

Meeting started at 7.00pm

Chair’s welcome

SG welcomed all and Chaired the meeting

To receive any apologies for absence and approve reasons given

Cllr Yamina Guest absent

Declarations of Interests not already recorded

SG – confirmed a conflict of interest for agenda item 147 Personnel Committee – confidential items

Appointment of members to council/committees

CSM PC has a vacancy that it can now fill by co-option. Given the PC decision (see Oct 2019 mtg item 19/187 mtg) that individuals to be considered should have attended at least two meetings it is anticipated a decision will not be made before the Sept 21 mtg.

Jon Peilow submitted his resignation as PCllr, thereby creating a second vacancy.

CSM PC would like to thank Jon Peilow for his hard work on the Council over the past year.

Anyone interested in becoming a Parish Councillor is encouraged to contact the Clerk for further information. clerk@creechstmichael.net or 07708680797

To receive County and District Councillors’ Reports

County Councillor, Cllr Fothergill, Somerset County Council sent his apologies.

DCllr David Durdan confirmed the new MH2 officer is Denise Granfield at SW&T

DCllr Kelly Durdan asked who to contact after hours at the Rec Park as resident had left an item behind in the locked park and had contacted her. The PC Lengthsman and Caretaker are currently the keyholders.

DCllr Kelly Durdan reported that SW&T had not yet answered her queries about the council paying for the instalment of a life buoy in Denham Close.

Issues with pavements at Tristam Drive. DCllr K Durdan to email the Clerk with details.

Minutes – to approve the Minutes of the meeting held on 8 June 2021

(These had been previously circulated to PCllrs) The minutes of the 8 June 2021 mtg were agreed. The minutes were then authorised to be signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

Proposed by PB | Seconded AP | all in favour

Northend Improvements

PB and BB had joined a group of residents at Northend CSM to discuss the issues of overgrown vegetation and limited parking/road safety with a view to improve the area. There was discussion with the residents whether SCC could overturn some land to CSM for extended parking to tackle the issue of access to the cottages. The PC agreed to support where they could, with for example, contacting SCC Highways for the overgrown verges, but residents would need to lead the on the improvements.

Action- Clerk to ask SCC Highways to clear the overgrown vegetation back to the householders’ fences on the Langaller side of roundabout and to ask for the footpath on Langaller to be cleared.

Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 8 June 2021

The Clerk’s report had previously been circulated to the PCllrs - there were no queries.


1.Planning applications. The following applications were circulated for information only as two were appeals and the third was submitted under delegated powers.







APPEAL: Change of use of land to a crane hire depot, including the storage of containers on site in association with crane hire. (retrospective)

Information only



APPEAL: Conversion of garage with raising of roof and insertion of first floor for use as a home office and ancillary accommodation at Barnoaks, Worthy Lane, Creech St Michael

Information only

SCC 3840/2021


Redevelopment of existing waste transfer station and depot.

NOT SUPPORT submitted under delegated powers

2.Planning enforcement – no updates

3.Monkton Heathfield Urban Extension 2 Panel – no updates. The PC are still looking to meet Andrew Penna at Persimmon, but haven’t had any response from him recently.

4.Traffic Calming

The panel updated the PC on their work with SCC for a 20-mile zone throughout CSM, introduction of Gateways at the entry points of the village and inclusion of a SID device. SCC has agreed to the proposals discussed in May and now asks the PC to communicate with residents of the changes [as linked to the RGP report and Neighbourhood Plan]. SCC will then issue the Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs). PB had already circulated some suggested text for with information to residents, Cllrs agreed the text with the addition of a line to include Ham. Cllrs agreed to communicate the traffic calming measures, through social media, the parish newsletter PC website and notice boards.


PB to update the Traffic Calming information for residents with a reference to the issues of speeding in Ham.

Clerk to share with SCC proposed information for residents, before PC publishes it.

1.Routine Payments
Since the June Mtg (schedule circulated); The new and previous Clerks, Caretakers and Parish Lengthsman’s Wages and HMRC payments

Lloyd’s Business Bank

Charges (10 May-9 June 2021)


CSM Village Hall

May Lettings



Pavilion Gas 1.5.-30.6.21


K Signs

3x Closed at 8pm signs


Caretaker’s expenses

Cleaning solution



Bus shelter cleaning


2.Payments to be authorised – additional payments

S Altria

Clerk support - transition


Tesco mobile

Phone and £10 credit for clerk



Petrol for strimmer


C. Cudlip

Rec Park - plyboard and manhole cover



Dog Bin collection
Rec Park grass cutting

[1April- 30 June2021]


2.Invoices paid under emergency arrangements - none

3.Monies received and banked since the last meeting

SW Lottery

Proceeds June


Tone Youth

Pitch Hire


Payments were agreed by the PC

Proposed by SG | Seconded PT | all in favour

Action- Clerk to make authorised payments.

Ham Weir Bridge

AP raised her concerns for the health and safety of people visiting and playing in Ham Weir. Issues included littering in the field and dirty water in the weir. As CSM PC have previously written to the Environment Agency and SCC about this issue, it was suggested to reach out to the Rights of Way (RoW) team.

Action: Clerk to write to SW&T on behalf of the residents of Ham Village to request a litter bin, to be sited next to dog bin, opposite the footpath and Ham notice board.

AP to invite RoW Ways to discuss issues- (Clerk to supply contact details)

19:28 BB Left the meeting - returned at 19:33

Canal Panel­

The panel updated that the new Closing at 8pm signs had improved the overnight parking issues at the car park. Littering has also improved. The right of way was an ongoing conversation with the SCC, RoW team.

Youth- no updates

Recreation Park Panel

As Cllr Guest, currently the only member on the panel was not present, this item was discussed later in the meeting with the hope Cllr Guest would be able to give the PC an update. (Item 147)

19:45 SH left the meeting- returned at 19:48

Highways - Speed Watch Team

Discussion took place in how to support the CSM residents to set up a Speed Watch Team across Creech St Michael and Ham. The PC would help to set this up with a view that it would be community run. (approximately 6 volunteers needed). PC to make contact with the SW&T lead (Sharon Baker) and publicise through social media, posters on notice boards and the parish newsletter. CC and SG would liaise to move this forward.

Action: SG to call SW&T Speed Watch Lead- CC to forward details.

Footpaths – Thank you to the Parish Footpath Volunteers for their report, which had been shared with Cllrs ahead of the meeting. Cllrs commented that at this time of year the footpaths were overgrown very quickly. Cllr Hutchings shared that he reports any issue directly with the RoW team as he encounters them.

The issue with finding the landowner in West Monkton who had obstructed T32/7 had been quickly resolved by WM PC.

Action - Clerk to formally thank WMPC for identifying the landowner and arranging for the installation of the new Bristol gate on footpath T32/7.

Website - The task and finish group met with BB and the Clerk on 1 July to give an overview of the plans.

BB has now joined the working group. The group relayed they are moving forward with framework and will have more to share at a later meeting.

Jubilee celebrations – representatives from the Village Hall committee shared their proposal to use the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration next year (2-5 June 2022) to bring the community together with a celebration event. In addition to the PC, they have reached out to the churches and village school to get involved with a view to pool resources and skills.

Action – initially PB, SG and CC would attend the Jubilee planning meetings the Village Hall proposed (possibly first one September) to bring back ideas to the PC.


Planning application 14/21/0024- resident wanted to log their concerns and asked PC to note this when responding to SW&T planning.
Damaged bollards situated at the bottom of Tristram Drive and leading around to Crufts Meadow cul-de-sac. Clerk has informed SW&T.

Fencing boundary to rear of West View

New Matters to be carried forward

AP – asked about the Ham finger posts – it was confirmed this was in hand.

Rec Park – YG had not joined the meeting, so Cllrs discussed matters in absence of the Rec Park panel. As a measure to address any issues outside of opening hours at the park, it was agreed to put a contract in place with the security that had been used for the canal car park.

Proposed by CC | Seconded PT | all in favour

Action – The Rec Park and the Canal Car Park to set up an out of hours contract to answer the phone and direct to members of the relevant panels.

In line with PC policies, SH and SG agreed to join the Rec Park panel. Both Cllrs kindly agreed to lock the Rec Park whilst a staff member is on holiday.

Council to decide to exclude Public and Press for these items

Meeting ended at 20:40
Ros Moreton, Clerk to CSM Parish Council | Email clerk@creechstmichael.net | 07708680797