/ Parish Council / Minutes / 6th July 2020


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held on Monday 6th July 2020

Held using Zoom at 7pm.

Present; PCllrs S Hutchings (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), B Brighton, P Brown, C Cudlip, N Davidson, Y Guest (item 20/113 and 119), A Gunstone and P Tucker. (Parish Councillors). The Clerk. SCCllr D Fothergill. Three members of the Public attended.

20/99. Chairman’s Welcome. SH welcomed all and Chaired the meeting.

20/100. Apologies. PCllr J Pengelley whose apology was accepted. SWTCllrs D and K Durdan.

20/101. Declarations of Interest. (1) Declarations of Individual Members. BB re planning 20/111 (0018)

and ND re Canal Carpark item 20/121; both left the meeting for these items and took no part. SH re caretaker, SG re North End, CC re planning 20/111 (0008). None voted on these items.

20/102. SWTC Councillors’ Report. No report

20/103. County Councillors’ Report. DF advised; (1) Corona Virus Update: Somerset has throughout the pandemic been relatively quiet compared to the rest of the Country. At 26th June, the number of Covid cases was 795 and the number of Covid deaths 195. At 0.6, the R Value for the SW is the lowest of the regions, with the national average being 0.7-1.0. Of Somerset’s 200 Care Homes, only one currently has any Covid19 cases within it. The Co-Op had been contracted to provide free schools meals during the summer for qualifying children.

(2) Outbreak Management Plan: Somerset’s Outbreak Management Plan has been developed, agreed and will shortly be posted onto the SCC website. The Plan outlines the measure in place and the actions which will be taken should a local outbreak of Covid19 occur in the County including Test and Trace. Public Health England rated Somerset’s plan as exemplary and it will be used as a benchmark nationally.

(3) SCC Financial outcome for 2019/20: Positive financial results and a major boost to reserves have put SCC in a strong position. In the last financial year, SCC increased its reserves to £76.2m across the board and delivered efficiencies that enabled a £6.4m underspend on the total budget.

(4) SCC Covid19 Finances: SCC additional costs are c£47m. The NHS Clinical Commissioning Group have reimbursed c £6m and the Govt £26m. It is expected that further Govt award will be made shortly. Key items ; A 10% increase to all care home providers – £3.1m; Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Govt provides 22% of required by schools, nurseries and key workers, SCC is funding the remaining 78% est £6m; Setting up and running new care homes £1m each; Supporting nurseries and childcare settings – £2.1m; Running social care services seven days a week – £1m; Supporting District Councils with additional homelessness costs – £0.8; Supporting our supply chain on major building projects – £2.3m. Plus a whole host of other costs!

(5) Climate Change: SCC have become founding Members of a new campaigning network established by UK100. The 21 councils involved represent 14.3 million people, a quarter of the population and two fifths of England by area. The network is to focus on rural communities who face unfair barriers in trying to decarbonise – it is often harder to attract funding for projects which don’t fit traditional cost benefit analyses and which often favour urban concentrations with less overall carbon reduction impact.

(6) One Somerset: The business case to move to a Single Unitary authority across Somerset will be available on http://www.onesomerset.org.uk from 7th July and will cover in detail the reasons for the recommendations and the substantial benefits to the residents of Somerset. The business case will pass through SCC’s Scrutiny Panel and Cabinet before being considered at Full Council on the 29th July. Engagement and consultation activities will continue through July and into the Summer.

(7) Registration Services: Birth registrations are now making a phased return following the gradual easing of coronavirus restrictions. The SCC service was put on hold in March due to Government instructions but parents can now book appointments to register the birth of babies born before 31 March 2020. The number of appointments will be limited at first, as safety measures must be put in place to protect the public and staff. There is a large number of births to be registered and parents of babies born after 1 April are asked to stay patient for now. Please check www.somerset.gov.uk/births-ceremoniesand- deaths/register-birth for updates.

(8) Library Services: Libraries phased re-opening will start welcoming people back in July. It won’t be business as usual straight away, however, and library buildings will look and feel quite different, as some processes temporarily change. Social distancing measures will be in place and a ‘personal shopper’ service will be available as customers will not initially be able to browse. Staff will be available to select items for customers based on popular titles, specific interests and favourite authors. Full details of which libraries are planned to open and when that’s finalised will be available soon via the Somerset Libraries website (www.somersetlibraries.co.uk) Importantly there will be no overdue charges on items borrowed just before the 19th March.

(9) Commonplace: A new interactive online mapping tool has been launched to enable members of the community to flag up areas of concern where changes to walking, cycling and travel could make a positive difference. This work aimed at building on a number of temporary measures, including pedestrianised high streets which have already been introduced to encourage social distancing and positively support the safe movement of pedestrians and cyclists. The map can be accessed at https://somersetcovidactivetravel.commonplace.is/. An indicative figure of £482,000 has also been published from the second tranche of funding where further new schemes will be considered.

(10) Highways; M5 J25 upgrade is ahead of schedule. Creech Castle upgrade had been deferred for a year; this will enable the Western Relief Road for West Monkton and a cycle crossing/crossing/retention wall at Creech Castle to be completed ahead of the junction work commencing on the Highway in 2021.

20/104. Minutes of the PC Meeting held on 1st June (These had been previously circulated to PCllrs). The minutes of the 1st June meeting were agreed without amendment. These were then authorised to be signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

20/105. Matters Arising from the minutes of the 1st June Mtg.

The Clerk confirmed;

(1). 20/73. Record log of the decisions taken. That the numbers of votes for/against/abstentions for each decision had been added to the agreed record log signed off and dated by the PC Chair as an accurate record.

(2). 20/84. Village Hall. He had informed the Village Hall committee of the PC decision to offer to advance the sum of £750 to cover the cost of legal work involved in purchasing carey Grove Park to be repaid by free usage of the Village Hall to that value. No response had yet been received.

(3). 20/85.Finger Posts. He had responded to the Finger Post Volunteers to advise that the PC agreed to proceed with repairing the sign at Bull St and to put on hold the sign at Langaller as development is to take place in that area and opportunities and the need for relocation may emerge.

20/106. Minutes of the additional PC Meeting held on 23rd June (These had been previously circulated to PCllrs). The minutes of the 23rd June meeting were agreed without amendment. These were then authorised to be signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

20/107. Matters Arising from the minutes of the 23rd June Mtg.

The Clerk had contacted 5 Councils in Dorset and had shared with PCllrs their experiences of having a Unitary Authority in that County.

20/108. Minutes of the additional PC Meeting held on 25rd June (These had been previously circulated to PCllrs). The minutes of the 25th June meeting were agreed without amendment. These were then authorised to be signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

20/109. Matters Arising from the minutes of the 23rd June Mtg.

No matters are arising.

20/110. Corona-19 Virus. It was noted that Village Halls could begin to open with safeguards and PB advised that the Village Hall Cttee are to hold a meeting the following day. See also item 20/113 on Rec Park opening below.

20/111. Planning. (1) Applications. The following applications were considered and observations agreed;





08 June 2020



18 Dillon’s Road, CSM Erection of a single storey side and rear extension and construction of dormer window to the principal elevation.

The amended application is supported on the basis that the proposed amendments show reductions in overall and dormer size and are now broadly in line with the existing street scene.

SH Proposed, Seconder not recorded. BB Did not vote. 7 voted for.

09 June 2020


Barnoaks, Worthy Lane, CSM. Raising the gable roof to the rear, erection of dormer and balcony on

the west elevation and two dormer windows on the south elevation plus construction of front boundary wall

To support providing that SCC Rights of Way have been consulted.

SH Proposed, BB Seconded. All voted for.

18 June 2020


Angarwyn, Old Lane, Creech Heathfield. Erection of a two-storey extension to the side with first floor extension to the other side and erection of a single storey garage and porch to the front.

To support as the proposed extension is proportionate, in keeping with street scene and the addition of a privacy screen to the balcony protects the neighbouring property’s privacy and prevents overlooking. 

SH Proposed, BB Seconded. All voted for.

26 June 2020


(Further amended)

Mill Lane, CSM. Change of use of land to a crane hire depot, including the storage of containers on site in association with crane hire (retention of works already undertaken) and use by low- loader Lorries.

The PC decided it cannot support this amended application for numerous detailed reasons as submitted.

SH Proposed, BB Seconded. CC Did not vote. 7 voted for.

(2) West Monkton Heathfield Urban Extension 2. It was noted that the CSM Panel had provided a response to SWTCs consultation on the Land south of Manor Farm, Langaller Site as agreed. The panel was delegated to respond to SWTC on their current consultation on the MH2 site. https://www.somersetwestandtaunton.gov.uk/have-your- say/ to be submitted ahead of their deadline 10th July. Regular scheduled liaison meetings have commenced with the SWTC Garde Towns Manager (AP). A socially distanced walk through of the Village in order to highlight Road Safety issues was made with the PC’s contracted Highway Consultant RGP on 17th June.

Action. MH2 Panel to respond to SWTC consultation on MH2 before 10th June.

(3) Ruishton and Thornfalcon Neighbourhood Plan. It was agreed that the MH2 Panel respond to the request for observations on the draft plans policies. SH proposed/AG seconded.

20/112. Finance. (1) The draft minutes of the Finance Sub Cttee held on 3rd July had been previously circulated and contents agreed. (2) Bills authorised for payment; SWTC Annual Licence for the rec Park £70 agreed. CYP (Youth Workers furlough top up for 1st two weeks of July) £32.97, N Cridge (May/June/July £160 for each month grass cutting in Rec Park), Sutcliffe’s retention on play equipment.

(3) Payments made since last meeting; The Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund

Payments for April and May, Clerks Expenses (June £88.83), EDF (Pavilion Monthly Electricity DD) £30.00, EDF (Rec Park Garage Monthly Electricity DD) June £15, Lloyds Monthly Bank Charges £6.50, Nigel’s Windows 5 Bus Shelters Cleaned 1 6 20 £75.00, CPRE (Annual Membership to 19 8 2021) £36.00, B Howe (Internal Audit Fees) £386.50, SALC (Planning Training (BB/JP)) £60.00, K Hutchings (Reimb Cleaning Mats/Caretakers Exps) £243.11, K Hutchings 5 Litter pickers/Caretakers Exps) £52.95, CYP (Furlough 20% top Up for June) £65.96.

(4) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting;

Somerset Lottery Proceeds £8.00, HMRC Furlough Reclaim (25 3 20-24 4 20) £364.42.

(5) Invoices to be paid ahead of the next meeting. Water bill, Insurance, Nailsea Fencing, Neil Davidson (Covid Exps), CYP £33 and Sutcliffe’s retention.

(6) Insurance. A report on the PC Insurance renewal had been circulated previously giving details of quotations received and had been considered at the Finance Sub Cttee. A recommendation to renew the PC Insurances with Zurich for a five-year period commencing 19 7 20 was agreed. PB proposed/SH seconded.

(7) Internal Audit 19/20 Report. The Auditors report along with comments from the Clerk had been considered at the Finance Sub Cttee and had been circulated ahead of the PC meeting. The PC recognised the reassurance on its Finances and practices as being sound with no material discrepancies or issues. It was agreed to increase the PC uncommitted reserve from £20k to £25k financed from the 19/20 underspend. A recommendation to consider more frequent finance reporting was considered and it was agreed to retain Qtrly reporting but to keep this under review. It was noted that the required papers will now be sent to the External Auditors. Given the increase in the amount spent and received it was acknowledged that this will trigger a more in depth [and costly] audit than in past years. PB proposed/SH seconded.

(8) Sale of Conference Equipment. It was noted that the equipment which had previously been agreed to be sold had been sold to Minehead Town Council in the sum of £500.00.

(9) Banking. Action. Clerk to provide Lloyds Bus Banking contacts to new signatories so these can be progressed.

20/113. Rec Park.

(3) Review of Park Opening. Following receipt of the Govts advices the PC had decided at its meeting on the 25th June to reopen the Rec Park from 4th July. PCllrs had since held three working sessions, prepared signage and undertaken a risk assessment in order to prepare for opening. The play and gym equipment were wrapped in order to protect users from the virus as the cleaning regime specified is too onerous to sustain. Following opening on the 4th July usage had been monitored and it had become apparent that many users where prepared to take the risks to use the equipment and some had removed the wrappings. Though this had been reinstated it has been immediately removed again. This was discussed and ND restated the Govt requirements and risks. It was then agreed to open the play and gym equipment in a day’s time with new signage having conducted a risk assessment with new signage clearly making it clear that the responsibility on Covid terms will be at owner’s/parents’ risk as cleaning being undertaken is minimal. It would be for users/parents to bring hand sanitisers and undertake hand cleaning. It was agreed to cover items that prevent social distancing, to buy a jet washer and steriliser detergent and to pay for barrier fencing and cable ties. YG proposed, PT seconded.

(2) Improvements. (i) Equipment Project. The contractors had written advising that they had addressed the remaining snagging issues and requesting payment of the retention monies. It was agreed to hold a meeting on site to examine each item and to authorise payment once all the items had been completed satisfactorily. Action. The Clerk to organise a meeting at the Rec Park.

(ii) Electrics. CC advised that he was chasing the Electrician to undertake the required work.

(iii) Fencing. SG advised that the Fencing contractor will commence from 13th July. It was agreed to get J Miller to clear the fencing and associated tasks once they arrive. PB proposed SG seconded.

(iv) Levelling of ground, goal posts, sockets. AG advised he had a quotation for levelling £600/£1200 (extent of work to be agreed) and Sockets £575 and pitch market out. Clare Sampson suggested SWTC will do mark out and Tone Youth be asked to pay towards the sockets. SH added goals on wheels be purchased. AG donation from teams and grants are to be sought. It was agreed to delegate to the Chairman authorisation of the budgeted sum of £3,600 (set aside for levelling in the equipment project for levelling) following receipt of a spreadsheet setting out the various items to be included from the Rec Park Panel. YG proposed/AG seconded.

Action. The Panel to circulate a spreadsheet of costings. The Clerk to provide a report on the costs of the Park.

(3) General worker. It was agreed to make payment for May/June/July at 16 hrs pcm. A review is to be conducted on going forward. SG proposed, SH seconded.

(4) Memorial Plaque. SH suggested that a memorial plaque to the last PCllrs David Knight be purchased and placed on the new MUGA. SH proposed £100 budget BB seconded.

(5) Unauthorised Encampment Policy. A draft policy covering PC land circulated prior to the meeting was considered and agreed for adoption. CC proposed AG seconded.

(6) Annual Independent Safety Inspection. It was agreed to participate in the Somerset Playing Fields programme of inspection w/b 3rd August. SH proposed. CC seconded.

20/114. Highways.

(1). Maintenance issues. The Clerk had reported two blocked drains (Langaller Lane and outside ‘Highways’ at North End) and a loose drain cover opposite the Shop to SCC Highways.

(2) Hyde Lane. DF advised he had a meeting with Highways on weds to be briefed on the projects progress and would advise following. The Clerk had recirculated past plans on the scheme to PCllrs. The Plans for Hollingsworth Estate Speed calming has been previously circulated and agreed. The requested plans for the two flat topped speed tables (one outside the school and the other by West View/Arundels junction) have yet to be received but were previously agreed. There would be appropriate lining and a 20mph speed warning signs (for use at the beginning and end of the school day) provided.

Action. DF to advise the PC.

20/115. Footpaths. SH advised he had circulated a report on a diverted RofW footpath T10/14 at Creech Heathfield. The Footpath Liaison Volunteers had also highlighted this. The field had been hired out by the landowner and the new tenant had set up a campsite “Pitch at Pawprints.” BB advised that she had raised with planning who had spoken to the tenant advising if the site was used for more than 20 days, she would need planning permission. It was anticipated RofW would also be in contact with the owner.

20/116. Youth Club. The draft minutes of the Panel held on 29th June had been previously circulated. ND reported that; (1) Chairperson. YG had been elected Chairperson. (2) CYP Report. The providers report was very positive. The Youth Workers Kayleigh and Mel would cease being on furlough from 13/7/20. This was possible as CYP had bid for and been successful in getting funding to enable an “outreach service” to be provided. The funding would permit the service to be run to the end of Sept at no cost to CSM PC to be held outdoors commencing 23rd July and would principally take place every Thursday from the youth shelter in the Rec Park. Depending on numbers attending the youth workers would tour the village in order to engage with young people where they can be found (and on sunny evenings would visit Ham Bridge). The aim is to listen to and hear from YP. CYP had advised that the payment of the furlough top had a significant impact on CYP as the board and herself had recognised that CSM PC was signalling its support to CYP and its values. No furlough top up had been requested for April but £56 (total of £112) was invoiced for May and June. A top up for the first two weeks of July was agreed £33. It was recognised that the PC had agreed in March to renew the contract with CYP from 1/6/20 for a further year on the same terms as 19/20. It was agreed that the years charge of £7,540 (no increase in rates) would apply from 1st Oct. ND proposed/AG seconded.

20/117. Website and standard email addresses for PC Emails. This item was carried forward to the next meeting. Two other Council website provider details had been circulated by the Clerk as requested.

20/118. Correspondence. Allotment Society. SG chaired and SH left the meeting for this item. The Society had requested support be given for S106 improvements to SWTC. It was agreed to ask the Society to first get the landowners agreement, reinstatement clarified and to ascertain if planning permission is required. BB proposed this be delegated to the planning panel for authorisation but be deferred pending the Societies reply. PT seconded. This was agreed.

DF left the meeting. SH re-joined the meeting and reassume the Chair.

20/119. The Council decided to exclude Public and Press for the items.

(1) The PC to consider and agree its view on the proposal to have a single Unitary Council for Somerset. (2) Update on Purchase of the Canal Car park. 21.3 Canal Panel. The Clerk to recommend that a Canal Panel be created with membership of PCllrs and local residents with an interest of enhancing the Canal and associated facilities should the PC decide to continue with the purchase of the Canal Car Park.

The meeting ended at 9.25pm.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net

Future Meetings;

The next CSM PC mtgs are on 7th September and 5th October 2020 at 7pm in the Cartwright Room, Village Hall if permitted or virtually using Zoom if not.

A Planning mtg will be held on 3rd August if applications are received.