/ Parish Council / Minutes / 6th September 2021


MINUTES for the Meeting of Creech St Michael Parish Council

held in the Village Chown Hall on Monday 6th September 2021 at 7:00pm


Cllr Annabelle Peters – Chair from minute 175


Cllr Neil Davidson


Cllr Simon Hutchings - Vice Chair 


Cllr Charlie Cudlip


Cllr Yamina Guest


Cllr Margert Gover from minute 178


Cllr Peter Brown


Cllr Sarah Elliott from minute 178


Also Present: County Cllr David Fothergill Somerset County Council (SCC). 3 x members of the public and the CSM PC Clerk.

Meeting started at 7.01

Vice- Chair’s welcome- SH welcomed all and started the meeting.

A member of the public asked how to get better road signage for the Village Hall, as visitors had not found the building and it was felt signage was clear from one approach but not the other direction. Cllr Fothergill agreed to look into this and report back. A second question was asked, with large scale developments in the area, about the pressures on local amenities including the medical centre. The PC confirmed they can challenge through SW&T Planning and were looking to update the Neighbourhood Plan to address this.

Chairing Arrangement - The Chair of CSM PC resigned at the last meeting, so Cllrs agreed the PC should move to an arrangement of a rotating Chair, with a timetable agreed by the Council and any councillor not wishing to participate being free to opt out. Each Chair will remain in the role for two months. There was a discussion about trialling this for two months and reviewing it. PB asked if after the annual PC in 2022, could this include the vice chair role, particularly as it was hoped the PC would have filled the PC vacancies by then and would have more Cllrs in place for this arrangement. It was agreed this would be discussed nearer the time, next year. It was noted the current Vice Chair will continue in their role. Cllrs agreed the terms on how the new Chair arrangement will run [previously circulated by the Clerk] so that the Chair would remain in role and take on any Chair responsibilities until the next incoming Chair.

Proposed by PB | Seconded by CC | all in favour

Action: Cllrs to email the clerk the months they intend to stand for Chair, so a rota can be arranged.

Election of Chair

Cllr Annabelle Peters was elected as the new Chair, for the September and October 2021 PC meetings.

Proposed by SH | Seconded by CC | all in favour

The new Chair, Cllr Annabelle Peters signed the Declaration of Acceptance form and agreed to CSM PC terms of the role.

To receive any apologies for absence

Cllr Tucker sent his apologies, as he had a private engagement. Apologies accepted.

Declarations of Interests. Declarations of Individual Members

ND – confirmed a conflict of interest - as has pecuniary interest in the Canal car park.

SH- confirmed a conflict of interest – as he is related to an employee

Vacancies on the Parish Council

1.The PC has fours vacancies it can fill by co-option. Two residents have come forward to be considered for co-option. Margaret Gover addressed the PC to give a summary of reasons to join CSM PC. Sarah Elliott addressed the PC to give a summary of reasons to join CSM PC.

Cllrs agreed and voted on co-opting Margaret Gover and Sarah Elliott to the CSMPC

Proposed by SH | Seconded by PB | all in favour

The new Cllrs MG and SE signed the Cllr Declaration of Acceptance form and joined the Cllrs for the rest of the meeting.
2. Cllrs discussed amending the (Oct 2019 19/187) decision that anyone wishing to be co-opted to the PC will need to attend two meetings first. It was agreed to ask co-optees to attend one meeting to observe and could be co-opted on their second meeting. Cllrs suggested the second month as a probationary month. [note: although voted on, a probationary period for a Cllr is not legal, so cannot be passed]

Proposed by PB | Seconded by ND | all in favour

Anyone interested in becoming a PCllr is asked to contact the Clerk for further information: clerk@creechstmichael.net or 07708680797

To receive County and District Councillors’ Reports

SCC Cllr Fothergill gave a verbal report, [please see appendix 1]

Minutes – to approve the Minutes of the meeting held on 2 August 2021

Proposed by ND | Seconded by CC | 4 in favour

Noted: YG, SH, SE and MG abstained as not present at the meeting so unable to confirm these as accurate.

Matters arising- from the Minutes of the meeting held on 2 August 2021 [Clerk’s report]

The Clerk’s report had previously been circulated to the PCllrs - there were no queries

Individual Parish Councillors responsibilities – Cllrs revisited the committees, working groups and panels as there had been recent changes on the PC and it was important that the committees were quorate and Chair of each confirmed. Cllrs agreed to merge some of the panels to bring together some PC responsibilities and retire any inactive/legacy panels. New Cllrs SE and MG shared where their expertise was and joined the relevant panels. It was discussed that the objectives, delegated powers and budget of the committees, panels and working groups should be revised and confirmed through agreed Terms of Reference at the next PC meeting in October.

Action: Clerk to email the table that was updated on screen at the PC to all Cllrs.

Action: Clerk to share an example Term of Reference as a prompt, to aid Cllrs to set out their proposed Terms of Reference.

Action: Cllrs to complete the terms of reference for circulation ahead of next month’s PC
Action: Clerk to include as an item to be agreed in October’s Agenda

Planning – 1. Cllrs considered the following applications and made observations.







Application for Outline Planning with all matters reserved, except for access and landscaping, for the erection of up to 35 No. dwellings with associated works, formation of access, landscaping, ground engineering and drainage works on land to the west of Derham Close, Creech St Michael


Proposed by PB | Seconded by CC | all in favour



Erection of 1 No. detached dwelling (Plot 1) with associated works at 1 Highfield Paddocks, on land to the west of Highfield House, Hyde Lane, Creech St Michael


1) the site is outside of the development limits. As the site is in the countryside Policy DM2 applies.2) Also the RoW response is clear in terms of advice about potential impact on T32/6 and T 10/25.     

Proposed by SH | Seconded by SE | all in favour



Erection of 1 No. detached dwelling (Plot 2) with associated works at 2 Highfield Paddocks, on land to the west of Highfield House, Hyde Lane, Creech St Michael


1) the site is outside of the development limits. As the site is in the countryside Policy DM2 applies.2) Also the RoW response is clear in terms of advice about potential impact on T32/6 and T 10/25.     

Proposed by SH | Seconded by SE | all in favour



Erection of a single storey garden room to the front of Heathfield House, Creech Heathfield Road, Creech Heathfield

No objection

Proposed by ND | Seconded by PB | all in favour



Erection of a two-storey extension to the front of Top Cottage, Coombe Lane, West Monkton

No objection

Proposed by SH | Seconded by CC | all in favour

Action: Clerk to inform SW&T Planning of the PC’s decisions.

2. Traffic Calming – PB updated the PC that 50 comments had been received from residents via email and social media. CC and PB had met with SCC representative and from resident’s feedback SCC revised their plans to include adding double yellow lines at The Forge next to the village shop; will look to narrow the carriageway in the centre of the village, [St Michael Road]; and add a 40 mile an hour limit on the approach to village at Lipe Lane and Langaller Lane- measures in place by end of year. Signs and lines – are Stage 1, and now to move to Stage 2 as soon as possible when funding is secured.

Routine Payments- since the August mtg (schedule circulated); wages and expenses for the Clerk, Caretaker and Parish Lengthsman and HMRC payments.

Lloyd’s Business Bank

Charges (10 July -9 Aug 2021)

L Online


CSM Village Hall

July Lettings

L Online



Pavilion Gas 1.7.-317.21




Pavilion Electricity




Rec Park Garage (electricity)



3D Security

Rec Park locking up

L Online


J Miller

Allotment Rent

L Online



Bus shelters x 5

L Online


2. Payments to be authorised 

S Altria

Clerk finance - transition

L Online


T Trump

Caretakers leave cover- 12 days

L Online


Tesco Mobile

Mobile phone top up

L Debit card


SLCC – bookshop

Arnold Baker- Local Council Administration. For CILCA training/qualification (inc p&p)

L Online


SLCC - bookshop

The Clerk’s Manual - For CILCA training/qualification (inc p&p)

L Online


Payments were agreed by the PC and signed by the Chair.

Proposed by PB | Seconded by AP | all voted in favour

Action: Clerk to make authorised payments

4. Monies received and banked since the last meeting

SW Lottery

Proceeds August


3. Annual Audit – update unavailable until External Auditors complete their report. Former Clerk had submitted this and is in hand.
Action: Clerk to carry over Annual Audit to October’s agenda.

4. PC payment card –Cllrs agreed the Clerk can apply for a new payment card for emergency payments in the name of the PC rather than the Chair. (see minute 174)

Proposed by AP | Seconded by PB | all in favour

Action: Clerk to apply for a PC payment card

5. OvertimeCllrs agreed to pay the Clerk Overtime of up to 30 hours per month and add to routine payments list, until the Clerk’s working hours have been reduced.
Proposed by AP | Seconded by ND | all in favour

6. Clerk’s mobile phone - Cllrs agreed a £10 per month budget for the Clerk’s mobile phone and add to the routine payments list.

Proposed by AP | Seconded by CC | all in favour

Action: Clerk to update the authorised payment list with £10 mobile phone budget and Clerk’s overtime.

Grant/Funding applications – The Clerk asked the Cllrs to consider applying for the 5K grant in addition to the £1.5K grant as part of the Opening Up Safely and Reconnecting Communities Fund Clerk referred to the CSM Neighbourhood Plan and in particular the Community Action Plan as the PC’s ambitions aligned very closely with the objectives of the grant – in bringing together the community, particularly after the isolated faced by many through Covid. The PC discussed linking with local community groups to achieve this. It was agreed that the PC would submit both applications and give the Clerk time to prioritise this to meet the deadline. SE expressed that she had experience in bid writing and offered to support the Clerk on this application.

Proposed by AP | Seconded by YG | all in favour

Action: Clerk to focus on the application as priority and link with SE to complete this.

Local Community Networks (LCNs) AP asked whether we should form an LCN with other parishes or risk being left behind, particularly as PCs were not committed to remain in their first pilot LCN.

CC asked if the new MH2 panel could take this forward to discuss and report back to the PC. There is a conference planned on Thursday 7 October 2021 for Parish and Town Councils, the invitation is for a Clerk and Chair/Councillor to attend. PCs are being asked to suggest agenda items and availability.

Action: Clerk to circulate details about the Town and parish Council conference on 7 October 2021.

Action: The new Planning, Developments & Transport panel to discuss and report back to the PC with recommendations.

Future Parish Elections – Cllrs agreed to respond to Somerset Association of Local Councils (SALC) in favour with the 2023 town and parish council elections being moved forward to 2022 so that they can remain in sync with principal authority elections going forward. It was noted that having a 2023 election would mean the Parish would incur the cost and by keeping with the principal authority elections, the cost would not fall to the parish.

Proposed by AP | Seconded by CC | all in favour

Action: Clerk to reply to SALC with CSM PC’s response of support of the change to 2022.

Rec Park – YG updated the PC that they had run out of paint to line the pitches. The number of grass cuts may need to be increased to keep pitches to an optimum and retain paying teams. The panel would like delegated powers to arrange holiday cover when the caretaker is on leave as they have a flexible contractor who manages this very well.

Cllrs agreed £100 budget for the line paint

Proposed by AP | Seconded by ND | all in favour

Action: Rec Park panel to propose the authorities that would enable them to operate more smoothly through a new Term of Reference (minute 182) to be agreed at October 2021 PC.

Action: YG to purchase the line paint.

Footpaths/ Rights of Way – The PC thanked the Parish Footpath volunteers for their report.

The Clerk highlighted that some residents and the footpath volunteer had reported overgrown vegetation on the footpath lane from Hyde Lane to the Rec Park. This has been logged with SCC and followed up, but there may be an issue if the lane has not been adopted by SCC. The Clerk had contacted the developer to help, but not had a response.

Action: Clerk to liaise with SE on which management companies would be responsible to maintain this path/lane.

The Canal car park panel updated that there will be changes to the gate at the Canal car park to address the Rights of Way concern. SCC will be emailed of the details. The changes have been budgeted for from the Canal Panel funds approx. £2,000

Cllr agreed to go ahead with proposal and expenditure of funds, as already part of the Canal Panel budget

Proposed by SH | Seconded by CC | all in favour

Action: Canal Panel to inform SCC and make changes to the gate.

Ham Village Flood GroupSE shared the issues for the Flood Group, and that they should be covered by public liability insurance and similar groups have managed this under Parish Council insurance. Cllrs agreed to investigate extending the PC insurance to cover the activities of the Ham Village Flood Group and if there isn’t any financial expenditure or risk of this, to go ahead and extend the insurance to the group.

Proposed by PB | Seconded by SH | all in favour

Action: Clerk and SE to research the risks to the PC and extend insurance if possible

Correspondence - Cllr Peters asked that any future correspondence is shared ahead of the meeting with Cllrs and Clerk, to have time to get full overview.

PB asked if any Cllrs wished to attend the Update on Bus Back Better and said Brenda Brighton could attend on behalf of the PC.

Action: Clerk to contact Brenda Brighton with the details of the Bus Back Better zoom meeting.

New Matters to be carried forward- Standing items on the agenda should include a report from the panels and brief verbal update at the meeting.

To include:

Planning, Developments & Transport

Canal Panel

Youth Panel

Rec Park Panel

PIP working party


Comms + Website

Action: Clerk to add standing items to future agendas

Council excluded Public and Press for these items

Meeting ended at 22.25

Ros Moreton, CSM PC Clerk 07708680797 Email clerk@creechstmichael.net

The next Creech St Michael (CSM) Parish Council meetings are on:

Monday 4 October at 7pm in the CSM Village Chown Hall

Monday 1 November at 7pm in the CSM Village Chown Hall

Appendix 1

Coronavirus infection rates: As of 29th August the number of confirmed Covid cases in Somerset was 33,812 (up from 26,526 on 25th June) and the number of Covid-attributed deaths 811. The rate per 100,000 stands at 459.1 (206.9) for Somerset with Mendip at 358.2 (234.5), Sedgemoor at 673.0 (195.7), South Somerset 410.5 (214.4) and SW&T at 417.1 (187.0). The number of total deaths across the County is currently 11% below the 5-year average and the latest R-value for Somerset is between 0.9 and 1.2.

Infection rates in Somerset are now amongst the highest in England. It is therefore important even for those who have had both jabs to remember to observe Social Distancing and to Ventilate indoor areas at all times.

Somerset Coronavirus Support Helpline: A single phone number continues to be available for anyone in Somerset who needs Coronavirus-related support. 0300 790 6275, is open seven days a week from 8am to 6pm

Vaccination programme roll-out: Somerset continues to have one of the highest vaccination rates in the country with the latest figures showing over 94.5% of the adult population having had one dose of vaccine and 84.6% having had both doses. Work continues to encourage further take up particularly amongst younger adults and a real focus on ensuring the second vaccine to this group. Local Government Reorganisation: Following the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) decision to support the move to a single Unitary Council across Somerset work has now commenced to refine the transition and implementation programme. The four District Councils and Somerset County Council are working closely with MHCLG to implement the decision. A recent request from Government to look at a maximum of circa 85 Councillors on the new Council has also meant that a review of Divisional/Ward boundaries is now being undertaken. In addition, the impact of a May 2022 Unitary election on Town and Parish Councils who are not due to elect until 2023 is also under consideration with the views of these Councils being sought on the options available. It is expected that statutory orders will be laid before Parliament in the late Autumn and a vesting date of the new authority as April 2023. Somerset Medal for Community Groups: Groups, teams and other volunteers will be presented with the Somerset Medal on Wednesday 15 September at Taunton Rugby Club after being recognised as some of Somerset’s many unsung coronavirus heroes. The Somerset Medal was launched by Somerset County Council to say a heartfelt thank-you to the best of the best. The first individual winners were announced on Somerset Day with a second round of nominations opened up to groups and teams. £5,000 Rural Business Grants: Grants of up to £5,000 are now available to help businesses in rural parts of Somerset bounce back after the coronavirus pandemic. The grants (up to 80% of project costs) are available to assist service businesses in rural areas to help them move forward and become more sustainable. A business will need to provide 20% of their own match funding. The application process is open to Sole Traders providing rural services, Businesses providing rural services, Town and Parish Councils; Local Community led organisations operating on a not-for-profit basis and are legally constituted. The fund which is part of the wider £6m Somerset Recovery Fund will close at 5pm on 10 September 2021. Initial applications will be treated on a first come, first served basis but we will need time to check eligibility and respond. Details and application form can be found at www.somerset.gov.uk/business-and-economy/somerset-recovery-fund Afghan refugees: Somerset County Council is committed to help a scheme to house Afghans who supported British military and to resettle interpreters and translators. People across Somerset have been stepping forward to help support Afghan refugees as the crisis being played out in the international spotlight deepens. The Council anticipates the Government will fund a number of places for refugees with strict rules on the types and locations of suitable accommodation. Anyone who would like to help in anyway should contact resettlement@somerset.gov.uk  Carbon Reduction: Over half of street lighting in Somerset is now eco-friendly and playing an important role helping the county work towards its 2030 carbon neutral target. Somerset County Council’s Highway Lighting Team has started to reduce its carbon footprint in the past five years thanks to the installation of LED lanterns in 56 per cent of street lighting stock. The LED replacements have seen a reduction in the carbon produced per year, down from 9,522 tonnes in 2015/16 to 3,278 tonnes in 2020/21: a reduction of 6,244 tonnes of Co2 and resulting in a 31.75% energy saving equal to £950,00 per year. Care leavers guaranteed interview scheme: As part of Somerset County Council’s commitment to support care leavers, the council has agreed to extend its Care Leaver Guaranteed Interview Scheme to anybody who was in care as a child, wherever that was, and whatever their age now. This means people who have been in the care of a Local Authority for a significant period before the age of 16 and apply for a job with Somerset County Council will be guaranteed a job interview – provided they meet the essential job criteria.