The Parish Council provides a series of grants each year to support the wider community to develop and grow.  There primary route through which grant funding can be accessed is the Community Development Fund aimed at groups and organisations that facilitate improvements to the Parish community.


Creech St Michael Parish Council is committed to supporting and strengthening community participation, activities and events and helping to develop a sustainable welcoming community.

The aim of the Community Development Fund is to enable Councillors to work closely with members of the Parish to identify and develop improvements within the community infrastructure, encouraging a greater degree of community cohesion and engagement.

The Parish Council has allocated funding of up to £15,000.00 for the financial year ending March 2024. Additional funds could be made available in exceptional circumstances.

The minimum amount of grant funding available for individual projects is £500.00.

All projects must comply with the legal constraints within which the Parish Council operates and with the Parish Council’s Financial Regulations.

Before a bid for funding is submitted, applicants are strongly encouraged to read the Community Development Fund Policy.

Having read the policy, complete the form below and your application will be considered at the next full Parish Council meeting.  Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application via email.

Submission of this application does not automatically mean that an award will be granted. Creech St Michael Parish Council reserves the right to award grants at their discretion.


Buy submitting this application, I confirm that the information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I agree that any money awarded by Creech St Michael Parish Council as a result of this application will only be used for the purposes stated in the said application and in accordance with the grant conditions detailed in the Parish Council’s Policy.

I confirm that the proposed project is lawful and conforms to any rules governing our organisation/group.

I further agree to providing copies of receipts and invoices, as required to Creech St Michael Parish Council to confirm to them exactly how the money has been spent if the application is successful.

I understand that all money awarded must be repaid to Creech St Michael Parish Council and my organisation/group will not be able to apply for future grant applications in the following circumstances.

  • If a false declaration is made, or if any information contained in the application is found to be false, inflated or exaggerated.
  • If the proposed project does not proceed/or is abandoned for any reason or if the organisation/group disbands during the period of the grant.
  • If the organisation/group does not provide the necessary invoices and receipts confirming how the money has been spent or does not comply with any other conditions stipulated in the award.